Q) What are CheerStix?
A) CheerStix are noise-making balloons that fans use at sporting events to cheer on their teams. CheerStix are also used at company rallies as well as birthday and anniversary parties.

Q) How do CheerStix make that incredible noise?
A) They're made of a non-expandable plastic called ldpe, which is the same kind of plastic that grocery bags are made of. Once you inflate them, just hold two of them about 20 inches apart - then slam them together. They'll make incredible metallic, clanging sound. That's because the noise resonates throughout the balloons.

Q) Are CheerStix a spirit item or a fundraising item?
A) They can be used as either a fundraising item or as a spirit item. Without a doubt the best way to use the CheerStix is as a spirit item where they are passed out for free and a sponsor pays for them. CheerStix can be sold as merchandise items and many schools are doing
very well with this.

Q) What's a realistic price to charge?
A) An ideal price is about $3 a set. If you charge much more, you probably won't get the sales you might hope for.

Q) How does it work if we get a sponsor?
A) All you need to do is supply us with your sponsor's logo when you fill out your CheerStix artwork on the Internet. The sponsor's logo will be put on one side of the balloon and your school's logo/name will be put on the other side of the balloon.

Q) Can we charge the sponsor above the price of the order?
A) Actually, yes. And it is a very good idea to do so. Your sponsor is getting a high quality, inexpensive promotion out of this. Sponsorships like this are sold in the college and professional sporting leagues all the time. We suggest that you ask your sponsor to donate $100 to your
school/squad for every order of 500 sets you get. You shouldn't be shy about this. But when you ask for this you should let your sponsor know that you are going to put extra effort into passing them out. You will make sure that as many people as possible get a set.

Q) How do we find a sponsor?
A) Just go to our high schools and cheerleaders section and find our CheerStix Sponsorship Program. It is a comprehensive program based on proven strategies for bring in sponsorship dollars.

Q) Are CheerStix noisemakers?
A) Yes, they are. They make a tremendous ding, but that is why the crowd loves them. Unfortunately a couple of states/school districts will have policies against noisemakers. BUT, make sure to check the rules very carefully and do not be fooled by rumors. The general rule
throughout the USA has been that the CheerStix are okay for outdoor sports but not for indoor sports.

Q) How many CheerStix come in a package?
A) There are two CheerStix in each package and prices are quoted as sets.