ESPN Sports
Baseball fans finally have something to cheer about

“...Passengers were confused but the boxes later had U.S. Customs agents smiling as they tried out Jim Lundberg's CheerStix, those inflatable plastic drumsticks gaining in popularity at sporting events around the country....”


USA Today
'Stix' craze rocks stadiums

This seems like a simple story: People like to bang stuff to make big noise. After lots of fans did that at the World Series, demand shot up for the inflatable noisemakers that millions of viewers had seen over and over again on TV. And now these bangers, tubes about 2 feet long sold under the brand names CheerStix and ThunderStix, are popping up across the sports landscape ¡ª especially at high schools.


Los Angeles Times
Noisemakers vie for Series winnings

As the Anaheim Angels and the San Francisco Giants prepare to fight for the World Series crown, a rivalry is developing between the two manufacturers of the plastic tube-shaped noisemakers that are the rage of California baseball fans.


Orange County Register
CheerStix from China

If it weren't for Jim Lundberg, the din at Edison Field might not be the same.


Orange County Metro
Chinese Shipment Saves the Day

Would the beautiful noise be replaced by the sound of silence? Would the din in Edison International Field be reduced to a whisper?


NewYork Times
They are the noisiest things in baseball

They are the noisiest things in baseball since Harry Caray's play-by-play -- inflatable plastic balloons that, when whacked together by 50,000 fans, create a wicked wall of sound.


'Banger' Baron of Beijing

"A cacophony of banging is commonplace at many sportsevents, like this Lakers vs. Supersonics game last season. Jim Lundberg's company, Logo Bangers, makes many of the inflatable plastic noisemakers. Working China's free-for-all An American entrepreneur breaks all the rules, and wins."



“Just wanted to send an email thanking you for expediting my recent order. You might be interested to know that I had contacted ThunderStix to purchase several pairs of noisemakers. It took about 5 weeks for them to respond to my email. In the meantime, you were able to fill my order. I will be making a purchase later in the year for several more pairs.” -- Richard Siteman