How is the CheerStix Sponsorship Program™ Different?

It's A New Approach!

The CheerStix Sponsorship Program™ offers a new approach to fundraising. Although CheerStix™ are most commonly used as a spirit item, many schools have discovered that they can also be an effective fundraising tool. However, unlike other fundraising programs, CheerStix™ add something to your event and make it better. Try slamming two candy bars together at your next home game and you'll see what we mean! CheerStix™ are a spirit item first and a fundraising item second. Our primary goal is to make games better for your fans, your team, your sponsors and you!

It's Easy!

The CheerStix Program™ provides a step-by-step approach that will help guide you through the sponsorship process. Using our sample proposal you can type in your sponsor's name, some information about your organization and print it out. Other sections list the best sponsors to approach, describe how to acquire a sponsor and provide you with a checklist for your event. With some fundraising programs you may have to deal with angry parents, handle inventory or return unsold product. The CheerStix Program™ offers an untapped fundraising alternative that you can do in addition to your other fundraising activities.

It's Quick!

The CheerStix Sponsorship Program™ provides a quick way to raise new money for your program. The CheerStix Program™ requires fewer man-hours than other fund raising activities. In fact, many schools have found that once a business sponsors a CheerStix™ giveaway they repeat their sponsorship for several years. Happy sponsors mean an easy and steady stream of revenue for your organization.

It's Safe!

With CheerStix™ there's no door-to-door selling. All sales are made by appointment only and in a professional business setting. Your team members won't be dealing with strangers, handling money or washing cars near busy streets. Your financial risk is minimal since your sponsor will pay up front.

It Works!

Professional and college sport teams have utilized CheerStix™ at their games for many years. They keep coming back because CheerStix™ is an inexpensive, quality product that sponsors love. With low minimum orders and quick turnaround time, CheerStix™ also provides your team with a fun and effective way to raise money.