Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I'm having trouble finding a sponsor?

If you are having difficulty finding a sponsor below are some suggestions that will help.

» Check out our “Potential Sponsor” List. The businesses listed are companies who have consistently shown interest in sponsoring CheerStix™ around the country. Make sure you contact businesses with a solid interest in supporting the community. Developing a solid list of potential sponsors will make your job of finding a sponsor much easier.

» Have a team meeting to brainstorm prospective sponsors. Be sure to find out whom your team does business with. Ask around to see if someone has a parent, friend or relative that owns or manages a business nearby. Go to your school administration and coaches to ask for suggestions on businesses to contact. They may know of parents or other interested boosters of which you may not be aware.

» Evaluate your meeting preparation. Do you clearly understand the proposal and can you give a clear explanation of what the sponsorship can do for a business? Consider practicing your presentation on a friend who will give you honest feedback. Your presentation should be brief, informative and professional. A presentation that is too long-winded or unorganized will leave the sponsor with a bad impression. Check out our “Sample Presentation” section for more help.

» Clearly communicate the benefits of the sponsorship. You must convey that you are offering the sponsor a good deal that will benefit his or her business and it is not a donation. It will drive new business. You are providing a unique opportunity for the sponsor to get their message out to your fans.

» Make your presentation to the decision maker. It is important that you present your proposal to the person who will make the decision to purchase the sponsorship. This can be difficult since the decision maker may be very busy and difficult to meet with but be persistent. The decision maker will want to learn about ways to increase their business.

2. What if our sponsor doesn't pay?

Most sponsors pay but occasionally you may run into someone who doesn't live up to his/her obligations. That is why the proposal specifies that 50% of the cost is to be paid upfront. This will provide you with funds to pay for the CheerStix™ before you order. It also insures that the sponsor is able to pay. Once a sponsor pays for 50% it is likely that they will pay the remainder. We also suggest you insist on remainder of the payment prior to the event.

3. Can we order fewer than 500 sets?

The minimum order for printed/customized CheerStix™ is 500 sets. We do offer "generic" non-printed CheerStix™ in orders of 50 sets or more. However, these sets will not be printed with a school or sponsor logo. You can still sell a sponsor but the value to the sponsor and the fans will be less. However, you can still provide the sponsor the other benefits. Another option is to order the minimum of 500 sets for printed/customized CheerStix™ and use them for multiple events and/or multiple years. You would still charge the sponsor the same but the CheerStix™ would be passed out over a period of time.

4. How do we get the sponsors and team logos on the CheerStix™?

We offer a state of the art online artwork creation program that allows you to design the artwork for your CheerStix™. Go to the “Ordering Section” of our website for more information on designing your CheerStix™.

5. Does it matter which game we select?

The more excited the crowd is about a game the greater the impact of the CheerStix™. We like to say that CheerStix™ make a good game better. CheerStix™ heightens the electricity and intensity of the experience for the fans, players and sponsors.

6. What if our school administrator says we can't sell sponsorships?

If a school administrator tells your organization it is not allowed to sell sponsorships, try and find out his/her objections. You may be able to find some compromise. For example, clearing all sponsors before they are approached. You should also consider our Direct Sale Program. This program allows your squad to raise money with CheerStix™ without selling a sponsorship. However, under no circumstances should you attempt to sell a sponsorship until you have the approval of the appropriate school administrator.

7. What should I do if a sponsor asks me a question that I don't know how to answer?

Simply tell the sponsor that you will need to find out the information and get back to him/her. It is important that you get back to the sponsor in a timely manner. Under no circumstances should you guess or make up information and you should never make any commitments you are not authorized to make.

8. Can CheerStix™ be used at other sports besides football and basketball?

Absolutely. CheerStix™ are utilized at many sports around the world. They will work well at Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Swimming and many others. CheerStix™ are so inexpensive that schools can afford to use them at many different types of events. CheerStix™ are also a great addition to Pep Rallies.

9. Should I tell the sponsor the cost of the CheerStix™?

It's better if you don't. The price is not a secret but we suggest that you focus on the cost of the entire sponsorship. Occasionally, sponsors may try to "cherry pick" certain elements of a sponsorship. You are selling them a package of benefits of which CheerStix™ is one part. The sponsor also receives value from their association with your team. It will be much easier for you to sell the package as a whole rather than to break it into its individual components.

10. What should I do if the sponsor wants to play less then $1,000?

Stick to your guns. You have something of value and there will be a sponsor willing to pay you the full amount. In order to get the most money for your program you must be bold and be willing to walk away if someone can't afford to pay what your program is worth.

11. What if we need more than 500 sets?

If you are at a school that draws more than 1000 fans per game you should consider giving the sponsor the option to distribute more than 500 sets of CheerStix™. All you need to do is to add the additional cost of the product to your sponsorship total.

12. What can we do if we have left over sets?

We doubt that you will have sets remaining following your event. Usually schools encounter the opposite problem of not having enough to meet demand. If you have only a few you may want to toss them into the student section throughout the remainder of the season. If you have more than 100 left over we suggest you pick another event at which to distribute them. This could be a good opportunity for you to show your support for another sport that may not have as large a crowd or to add more spirit to your next pep rally.

13. What other things can be done to make our games more exciting and entertaining?

There are many things that can be done in addition to your CheerStix™ giveaway that will make your game more fun and entertaining for your fans. Check out our “Additional Sponsor Benefits” section to get ideas for your school.