Media Release

What is a media release?

A media release or press release is how you communicate with the local media. You typically send out a media release when you are seeking coverage of an event or activity from newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations. ANY amount of media coverage you bring to your event and your sponsor will guarantee a successful experience.

How do I use it?

You can fax, mail, email or hand deliver your media release to the various media outlets whose help you want in promoting FAN FRENZY NIGHT?. The most efficient way is to e-mail your release. However, you can have just as much success (and sometimes more) by hand delivering your media release. A personal touch to the local newspapers will go a long way to get your event in the papers.

Where do I send it?

The most important place to start your media release: YOUR OWN SCHOOL! Try to get your event and sponsor announced in the school newspaper and on the school PA the day of the game!

From there you should send your media release to any media outlet in your area. This includes newspapers, local magazines, radio and television (including cable) stations. You can find out who these companies are by looking in the yellow pages or by asking your Chamber of Commerce for a list. If your Chamber of Commerce has a web site it may have this information on the site.

Once you develop a list of media outlets we suggest that you call them and ask them for the correct contact person to send your release. At a newspaper there will be many different editors and reporters. Your information should probably be sent to the editor of the “Local” section but you may also want to send it to the Education Editor and Sports Editor. When you call the paper they will be able to tell you who these contact people are as well as any other individuals who should receive your release.

When should I send out my release?

You should plan to send out your release to most media the week of the event. If your event is on a Saturday you will want the media to receive your release no later than Tuesday. If your event is on Thursday then you will want the media to receive it on Monday. If you are going to mail your release you will want to send it out at least one day prior to the day you want it received by the media.

Should I follow up?

Yes, you should follow up on your release. It is best to follow up the day after the release should have been received. Simply ask if your release has been received and if there are any questions. You may also ask if the editor/reporter thinks he/she will be able to put anything in the paper or announce it on the air and when.

What should be in my media release?

You will want to include in your release where the event will be held, when does it start, who will be playing, why the game is important and what is going to happen in addition to the game. Of course, you will also want to recognize your sponsor's contribution. It is very important that you provide contact information so that the media can follow up with you. The media will be operating on deadlines so you will want to provide a phone number where you can be reached quickly. If you have a cell phone, list that number as well as a work and/or home number. A sample media release is provided in this packet and will provide a template from which to work. Change the information and make it specific to your school and add any other activities or events that will be taking place.

Questions? Call Director of U.S. Marketing at 661-343-1831


September 10, 2003

Glendale High School Holds First FAN FRENZY NIGHT?

The Glendale High Cheerleading team has organized its first FAN FRENZY NIGHT? to take place at the Glendale vs. Stockdale High School football game on Saturday, September 14th. The game will be held at the Glendale High Football Stadium and will kick-off at 7:00 pm.

Upon entrance to the game the first 500 fans will receive a free set of CheerStix™. CheerStix™, which have been seen on television at professional and college sporting events across the country, are inflatable plastic tubes that are banged together to show support for athletic teams. The product received worldwide attention when the Anaheim Angels used CheerStix™ on their way to winning the World Series in 2002. Dr. Phil Nopain, a local dentist, is the official sponsor of FAN FRENZY NIGHT?. According to Dr. Nopain, “It is a pleasure to support the Glendale High School Cheerleading team. We are excited to be a part of this first year event.”

Other activities taking place include a special performance by the Glendale High School Band at halftime. “America the Beautiful” will be the band's theme and the music of John Philip Sousa will be featured. Members of the Glendale High School student body will display a giant American flag during the performance. Glendale High School senior, Osaycan Ucee, will sing the national anthem. Glendale High School cheerleaders will throw out t-shirts to the crowd during breaks in the game. (Add other activities here. Do you have any special promotions planned? What are you doing during pre-game, halftime and post-game? Is the game important to conference standings or post-season play? Is it Homecoming or Parents Day?).

FAN FRENZY NIGHT? is a nationwide program designed by CheerStix™, a company that manufacturers and sells spirit items to high schools, colleges and professional teams. The goal of the program is to focus community attention on the wholesome family fun and excitement of high school sports. Schools across the country are implementing FAN FRENZY NIGHT? to encourage community attendance at high school athletic events.

Director of U.S. Marketing for CheerStix™ stated, “High school sports are a wonderful part of our communities. Going to a high school athletic event is a great way to support all the good things that are happening in our schools. I hope that FAN FRENZY NIGHT? will bring more people out to see high school sports.”

(Add quotes from head coach, booster club president or the school principal.)



Jane Stunt, Glendale High School Cheerleading Coach, 123-456-7890 or

Ima Goodguy, Principal, Glendale High School, 123-333-44444 or


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