How do I create my Artwork?

Creating Artwork can be a challenge at times and is usually the most frustrating part of ordering for buyers. If you only need your school name & mascot in your school colors then the process is very simple. All you need to do is go to the ordering section of and use our online artwork application. There you will find an easy to use program with an image bank filled with many pre-made designs.

Click here to see our image bank & ideas for artwork.

If you have a sponsor or sponsors and all they need is a simple text layout for their business, then creating that artwork can easily be created on the same artwork application mentioned above.

If you have a school or sponsor's logo that you will be submitting then the process becomes trickier. Artwork must be supplied in the proper format.

Click here for Artwork requirements

If your layout requires more than the basic amount of assistance needed to produce then you may be charged $25.00 for this service. If your artwork and layouts require a high level of assistance there will be a $50.00 additional charge.

When working with sponsors it is best to encourage them to go with either a simple text design or with a one color design submitted in a very clean format.