(Be sure to change all of the school names and people names to fit your situation!)

Glendale High School

Purpose: To create a fun and family oriented event that will generate fan participation and team spirit for Glendale High School Football and valuable exposure and community goodwill for our participating business partner.

What will this partnership do for your business?

• Provide your business with an innovative way to reach new customers
• Differentiate your business from competitors
• Target your advertising efforts to a well-defined and loyal customer base
Help drive in new business!

What benefits will your business receive?

• 500 sets of CheerStix™ in school colors. Your business name or logo will appear on one side and the school name or logo will appear on the other.
• CheerStix™ will be distributed free to fans upon entrance to the game
• Sponsor recognition plaque presented during pre-game or halftime
• Photo with the Glendale High School Cheer Squad
• Public address announcements during the event acknowledging your support
• Ten (10) tickets to the game for you, your employees or customers
• Logo recognition on all flyers distributed in promotion of this event
• First right of renewal to sponsor this activity next year
• Other benefits as mutually agreed
(Additional benefits can be added at your discretion. Go to the “Additional Sponsorship Benefits” section to review other benefits you may want to offer.)

What is the investment to your business?

• $1,000 (50% down and 50% the week of the event)


The Glendale High School Cheerleading Squad appreciates your consideration of our proposal. We hope we can count on your support for the coming football season and look forward to working with you on this mutually beneficial promotional opportunity. To participate with us please contact Mrs. Jane Stunt at 411-555-1212.

Thank you and GO RAMS!

(Cover Letter)

Dear Mr./Mrs. Sponsor-

The Glendale High School Cheer Squad is looking for a business partner to sponsor a promotional giveaway night at a home football game for the coming season. We have received permission to approach businesses in the area that would benefit from a positive association with our school. Your business was identified as one that may be interested in supporting youth in our community through this opportunity. Below are questions commonly asked regarding sponsorship.

Why Sponsorship?

Sport sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool. Sponsorships allow you to target customers in a unique way by allowing your business to step away from the advertising clutter and receive recognition unavailable with traditional advertising. Sponsorships differentiate your business from competitors by associating your products and services with an activity important to your customers. When a sponsor associates with a team, the loyalty and affinity fans have for that team rubs off on the sponsor. Sponsorships involve your business with a fun, entertaining and wholesome event. This environment insures that customers are in a receptive mood to receive your message.

What are CheerStix™?

CheerStix™ are inflatable balloons fans use for cheering at sporting events. They are handed out in pairs and when slammed together make a loud, metallic clanging sound. Typically the team's name is printed on one side and the sponsor's name and logo are printed on the other. The CheerStix™ are passed out to the crowd compliments of the sponsor. Although CheerStix™ have only been on the market for a few years, they have become a favorite promotional giveaway item for professional and college sporting events around the world and have displayed the company logos of many Fortune 500 companies. CheerStix™ are fun, highly visible, high quality and very affordable. CheerStix™ are stand-alone promotional items that bring a sponsor's name and message to the individual fan. The product is geared to encourage fan participation and make the game more fun for everyone: fans, players and sponsors. With low minimum orders, high school teams and local sponsors can now utilize CheerStix™ to support their team.

Why Support the Glendale High School Cheerleading Squad?

Cheerleaders are athletes, role models and trendsetters. Nationwide cheerleaders have a 3.5 grade point average, participate in many school activities and have a positive wholesome image. Cheerleaders are the single most visible group of students on campus. By supporting the Glendale High School Cheerleading squad your business will not only receive valuable advertising but you will also be contributing to the local youth. Supporting area students builds goodwill and loyalty in the community for your business.

What Will Sponsorship Do for My Business?

By supporting the Glendale High School Cheerleaders, you can be assured your message will reach consumers who live, work and do business in your area. Other forms of advertising cover a much larger market and reach people who aren't interested in your products or services.
Sponsoring the Glendale High School Cheerleading Squad will bring you the loyalty and gratitude of the Glendale High School students, teachers and parents. It will associate your company with the positive image of our cheerleading squad. But, most important of all, it will help drive in new business!

How Can My Business Get Involved?

Getting involved is easy. All you need to do is tell us the name you want on the CheerStix™. The rest is up to the Glendale High School Cheer Squad and CheerStix™. You get to sit back and receive the kudos from all the fans! The attached proposal on the next page outlines the benefits you will receive and the investment required.


Jane/Joe Stunt
Glendale High Cheer Coach