Additional Sponsor Elements

The “Sample Sponsorship Proposal” lists several benefits that you will need to provide to your sponsor. However, you may want to add additional elements in order to make your sponsorship more attractive to the sponsor and therefore easier to sell. Listed below are some ideas of benefits that you should consider adding. One word of caution, be careful not to add so many elements that you won't be able to execute them all. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver than to make promises and not follow through.

Sponsorship Banners – The opportunity to hang a company banner in a prominent location at the event is a very attractive benefit to sponsors. If you add this element you may want to word it in your proposal as follows:

Sponsor Banners: The Glendale High Cheerleading squad will prominently display two (2) sponsor banners at the game. The sponsor is responsible for providing the banners 48 hours prior to game time.

Coupons/Business Cards – Since CheerStix™ come polybagged it is relatively easy to insert a coupon or business card into the packaging. This offers a great value to your sponsor and could be written into your sponsorship package as follows:

Coupon/Business Card Inserts: At the sponsor's request, coupons or business cards may be inserted into the CheerStix™ packaging and distributed to fans upon entrance to the game. The sponsor is responsible for providing the inserts at least one week prior to the game.

Electronic Message Board Announcements – Some schools have electronic message boards at their athletic events or electronic marquees in front of their school. If you have one or both of these at your school check into how you can put a message on them. You may want to refer to the sample electronic messages listed in the “Game Announce-ments” section of the CheerStix Sponsorship Program™. If you add these elements word it in your proposal as follows:

Electronic Message Board Announcements: XYZ Company will be recognized as a sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night™ throughout the game on the stadium's electronic message board.

Marquee Board Announcements: XYZ Company will be recognized as the sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night™ the week prior to the game on the electronic marquee board located on the corner of Ash and Elm Streets.

Static Display Message Boards - Most schools have static display message boards in front of their school. These boards can be a great way to promote Fan Frenzy Night™ and thank your sponsor. Some examples of static display messages are listed in the “Game Announcements” section of the CheerStix Sponsorship Plan™. If you can get the sponsor's name on the message board be sure to take a picture to show to your sponsor(s). If you add this element to your package you may want to word it in your proposal as follows:

Static Display Message Board Recognition: XYZ Company will be recognized as the sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night™ for the week prior to the game on the outdoor message board located on the corner of Ash and Elm Streets.

School Announcements – Many schools make announcements at the beginning of the school day over the school intercom system. Some schools can even have announcements over closed circuit televisions in each classroom. These opportunities are excellent ways to extend the value of the sponsorship. However, be sure to clear this with the appropriate school administrator before you offer this to your sponsor. If you can add this element then consider using the wording that follows in your proposal:

School Announcements: XYZ Company will be recognized as the sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night™ in announcements made to students and teachers on the school intercom and/or closed circuit television system.

Game Program Ad/Insert – If your school produces a game program or scoreboard for your games you may be able to provide your sponsor and ad in the program as an extra benefit. If you can't do an ad you may consider just inserting a flyer into each program on game night. The flyer could recognize your sponsor's contribution to the game and provide any other information the sponsor would like to include. To include this element in your proposal consider using the following:

Game Program Ad: XYZ Company will be recognized as the game sponsor with a half page ad in the game program. Program will be sold to fans as they enter.

Product Displays – Product displays are another attractive element to add to your proposal. Car dealerships and others may want to have their products at the event for fans to see as they enter/exit the game. If you offer this benefit, be sure to coordinate the location with the appropriate school administrators and have the display set up well in advance of when fans start to arrive. This element may be added to your proposal as written below:

Product Display: The sponsor has the opportunity to display a limited number of products at the entrance/exit to the game. Specific locations will need to be mutually agreed upon. The sponsor will be responsible for setting up all displays one hour prior to game time and will remove all displays within one hour of the conclusion of the game.

Display Tables – Many sponsors like to have the opportunity to discuss their products/services with fans at the games. In some cases, like cellular phone companies, the sponsor may actually want to sign up fans for their services. Display tables are a very attractive benefit for these sponsors. All you need to provide is a couple of 4' x 8' tables and chairs. The following verbiage could be added to your sponsorship proposal:

Display Tables: At the sponsor's request, a display table will be made available for the sponsor to distribute information to fans in attendance.

Logo identification on flyers/posters - One easy way to give your sponsor more exposure is to include their logo on all printed materials used to promote the event. A sample flyer is included as part of the CheerStix Sponsorship Program™. You may also want to consider doing posters and/or table toppers in the cafeteria. You will need to get a camera ready logo from your sponsor. Many businesses now provide their logos on computer disks. To incorporate this element into your proposal you may want to use the following verbiage:

Flyers/Posters: The sponsor will receive logo identification on all flyers/posters used to promote this event to students and the surrounding community.

Media Release – There is a section on “Media Releases” included in the CheerStix Sponsorship Program™. Recognizing the sponsor in your media release costs you nothing but can result in considerable value to the sponsor if the media refer to your sponsor in their report. To incorporate this element into your proposal you may want to use the following:

Press Release: XYZ Company will be recognized as the sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night™ in press releases sent to the local media to promote the event.

T-Shirt Toss – A fun way to increase fan enthusiasm and also provide additional exposure for your sponsor is to have the cheer squad toss t-shirts to loudest fans in the crowd. This usually works best if the public address announcer tells fans what's going on and acknowledges the sponsor's contribution. You can do this promotion successfully with only six t-shirts. It's amazing to see how excited fans get for a free t-shirt and sponsors love to see people excited about their product.

Prize Giveaways/Givaways - Another way to increase fan enthusiasm and provide additional sponsor exposure is through prize giveaways. The sponsor will supply the prize(s) to be given away and the public address announcer can announce the winner. Seat or ticket number can determine winners or a lucky insert can be put into the CheerStix™ packaging. A fun variation of a prize giveaway is to give the same prize to everyone in the entire row!

Special Offers to Fans
- Special offers to the fans at the game provide almost limitless ways for a sponsor to gain exposure and make the game more fun for your fans. A relatively easy promotion to execute is the “Win-Win” promotion. In this promotion if the home team wins then the fans all win something for free at the sponsor's location. For example, a free hamburger at a local fast food restaurant could be given away. Fans show their ticket stub or bring in their CheerStix™ to receive the offer for up to one week following the game. This type of promotion can considerably increase the traffic to your sponsor's location. One word of caution, if you incorporate this promotion it is vital that you communicate the offer clearly to your fans and that the restaurants employees are prepared to accept the offer and handle the increased customer traffic.

Special Promotions - There are numerous special promotions that can be incorporated into your game activities that also provide attractive benefits to sponsors. The type of activity may vary from sponsor to sponsor but a few ideas are listed below:

  • Kick/Shoot for the Car – Fans kick field goals or shoot baskets for a car or other prize. If the prize is substantial like a car, you will need to make sure the sponsor gets insurance. However, the prize doesn't need to be large to get fans excited. Shooting “Free throws for Freebies” can be more exciting since you will have more winners.
  • Attendance Contest – Your sponsor may be interested in supplying a prize to the homeroom class that has the highest percentage of students in attendance at the game. For example, a free pizza party to the highest percentage class attending.
  • Crazy Contests - Eating contests, tricycle races, relays, students vs. teachers tug of war are all ideas that can make your games more entertaining and increase student attendance at the event. Your sponsor may be interested in providing prizes for these activities in exchange for a public address mention and/or signage during the event.
  • Pizza Delivery – One sure fan favorite is the “Free Eats in the Seats” promotion. For this promotion the Cheerleaders and/or mascot deliver pizzas or other food product to the loudest fans in the stands. This promotion usually works best during a timeout or quarter break. Don't limit this promotion to pizza. It works just as well with burritos, ice cream, or chicken nuggets!