Good Potential Sponsors

As mentioned in the "Step by Step" section, the best place to start your sponsorship search is with a team meeting. Your most likely prospects will be businesses that are owned or managed by parents of team members or other students at your school.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with a list of types of businesses that frequently sponsor CheerStix™ at high schools around the United States. These businesses tend to be receptive to local sponsorships as a form of advertising and have demonstrated a strong interest in sponsoring the CheerStix™. This is by no means a complete list and you should not allow it to limit your prospects. Many schools have secured sponsors that are not on this list. Use the list as a reference.

THE CheerStix™ TOP 3

#1 Parents of students who own/manage a business.
We've been doing this for several years and our experience shows that businesses owned by a parent of a student at the school are very receptive to this type of promotion. Parents understand better than anyone the importance of supporting the youth in the community. List all businesses owned or managed by parents at the school on your potential sponsor list.

#2 Your Dentist/Orthodontist
Since a dentist's patients usually live within a twenty-minute drive it may not be cost effective for them to use traditional advertising (i.e. TV, Radio, Newspaper). This makes dentists a perfect fit for this kind of advertising opportunity. Working with your team will allow them to efficiently reach prospective patients in the area and also demonstrate their support for the local community. If more than one person in your group uses the same dentist then list them on your prospect list. You should have at least two dentists on your potential sponsor list.

#3 Family Medical Centers
Family Medical Centers are opening all across the United States. These professionals need a way to get their name in front of potential customers. Like dentists, Family Medical Center patients come from a small geographical area. You offer them a perfect way to reach customers who live in the area. Be sure to have at least one Family Medical Center on you list of potential sponsors.

CheerStix™ HOT TIP: State Teacher or Educator Credit Unions

Credit Unions have certain regulations that limit the type of advertising they can utilize. Sponsorships are one way they get their message out. In addition, they will be very interested in demonstrating support for your school and getting their message to the teachers at your school.

Other Good Potential Sponsors:

• Local Banks
• Insurance Agents
• Hospitals
• Car Dealerships
• Fast Food Restaurants
• Attorneys
• CPA's
• Eye Doctors
• Local Pepsi and Coke Bottlers
• Health Insurance Plans
• Mortgage Companies
• Title Companies
• Real Estate Agents
• Cellular Phone Service
• Newspapers

Make Your List and Check It Twice
You want to develop a list of at least 6 businesses to approach with your sponsorship proposal. The breakdown may look something like the list below:
» Two Businesses owned by school parents
» Two Dentists/Orthodontists
» One Family Medical Center
» One other from the list of “Good Potential Sponsors”

That is only 6 potential sponsors you need to reach out to! Our experience shows that just about any school can come up with a sponsor if they spend the time to contact and present our program to the above 6 potential sponsors. This list of 6 potential sponsors is your key to a successful fundraiser.

NOTE: For obvious reasons, CheerStix™ strongly discourages schools from soliciting sponsors in the gaming, alcohol, or tobacco categories. Be sure to check with the administration at your school to see if there are any other restrictions of which you should to be aware.