Sample Sponsor Presentation


As you review the sample presentation that follows please remember that it is only a guide. Your presentation should reflect your personality and should be something with which you are comfortable. Don't try and memorize the sample presentation word for word. The best presenters are flexible and allow the presentation to be a give and take conversation with the potential sponsor. No two presentations will be the same.

Setting up the appointment script

Hello, my name is (put your name here) and I'm the (put your position or level of involvement) at (insert name of school of organization). I'm calling to set up an appointment to discuss how you can market your product/service to the (name of school or organization) community. We are organizing an event called Fan Frenzy Night? at one of our (name of sport) games this upcoming season and are seeking to partner with local businesses who would benefit from marketing their product/service to the (name of school or organization) community. I would like to sit down and go through the program with you. When would be a convenient time for me to meet with you.

I. Opening Statement

A. Hello, Mr./Mrs. Sponsor, thank you for taking the time to meet with us. My name is (your name) and I'm the (state your position or involvement) at (name of school or organization) and this is (name of co-presenter) one of the members of the (name of team) team.

Give the sponsor a chance to exchange pleasantries or introduce others attending the meeting.

B. We wanted to meet with you today about an exciting program called Fan Frenzy Night™ that we are putting together for our upcoming football season. The idea behind Fan Frenzy Night is to create a fun and spirited event for our school and also to provide local businesses the opportunity to market their product/service to our students, fans and teachers.

C. We selected your business to approach because…

Tell the sponsor why you decided to approach their business. It could be because their company has been a strong supporter of education or youth in the past. It may be because they do a lot of business with students or parents from the school. Whatever reason you give it should be customized to the sponsor to whom you are presenting.

D. Do you currently have customers from (school or organization)?

Let sponsor respond and listen carefully to the information he/she provides.

1. If sponsor says yes, then respond: That's great. The proposal we're going to show you can help attract even more customers and also develop loyalty with the customers you already have.

2. If sponsors says no, then respond: The proposal we're going to show you can help attract some new customers for your business.

Hand out copies of your proposal to everyone present.

II. Give overview of the proposal

A. We've put together a proposal to show how your business will benefit from your involvement. We are organizing a Fan Frenzy Night™ at our (name of sport) game on (date of event). The event will include many activities coordinated by the (name of organization) and will feature a CheerStix™ giveaway to the first 500 (or other number) fans that come to the game

B. Have you seen these at other sporting events?

Wait for sponsor to respond.

  • If yes: So you've seen how they really help get fans involved in the game.
  • If no: The product has been used at many college and professional sporting events and was recently a big hit with Anaheim Angels' fans during the World Series. We would like (name of business) to consider being a sponsor of Fan Frenzy Night at (name of school or organization).

III. Present sponsorship elements

As the sponsor of “Fan Frenzy Night™” (name of business) will have its name or logo on all the CheerStix we distribute free to fans as they enter the game.

Your support will also be recognized with a plaque presentation either pre-game or at halftime and with announcements that will be read during the game. You will receive ten tickets to the game for your family, employees or customers and will have your picture taken with the (name of team or organization). We will also be posting flyers around the schools and local businesses. Your company will be recognized on all flyers for your sponsorship. (Be sure to include any other benefits that you are offering that may not be part of the sample proposal supplied by CheerStix.)

IV. Review Benefits

Your sponsorship will provide you with a different way to reach new customers and will allow you to support some of the good things being done at (name of the school or organization).

V. Cost

The cost of this sponsorship is $1000 and will include all of the benefits that I've described and that are listed in your proposal.

VI. Questions

Do you have any questions or is there anything you'd like me to describe in more detail?

Respond to sponsor's questions in a direct way. If the sponsor asks you a question that you can't answer simply offer to get him/her an answer within a day or two.

After you've answered the sponsor's questions proceed to the closing statement. Keep the closing statement simple and concise and then wait until the sponsor response before proceeding.

VII. Closing statement/Questions (Responses)

Can we count on (name of business)'s support this season?

Wait for the sponsor to respond before going on.

  • If yes: That's great! We're excited to have your support.

    Congratulations! You did it! Work out details on artwork and payment.
  • If no: Can I ask why?

Wait for the sponsor's complete response. Don't cut him or her off trying to overcome their first objection. A sponsor may not give you their biggest objection until the end. See if you can work out the sponsor's objections. Review the “Responses to Common Objections” section before hand so you know how to respond. If the sponsor is simply not interested then see if there is some other way they can help. Thank the sponsor for his/her time and consideration of your proposal and leave. Don't be upset and argumentative. Sponsors have the right to say no. Many times sponsors are simply saying, “Not today.” Respect the sponsor's decision and move on to the next company on your list. Always leave the door open for future support from the sponsor.

  • If the sponsor needs to think about it: That's fine! Can I get back to you on (two days later).
  • If not, get a date and time when you can follow up with the sponsor.

VIII. Conclusion and follow up

Whatever the outcome of your meeting be sure to be gracious and express you appreciation for his/her time. Also review any follow up items. For example:

Mr. Jones, thank you for your time and consideration of our proposal. I will check on (whatever you agreed to check on) and get back to you with an answer by (be specific).