Tips for a successful presentation


• Be enthusiastic!
• Arrive to the meeting early
• Review your script ahead of time
• Practice your presentation on friends and family ahead of time
• Bring out the benefits to the sponsor
• Let the sponsor ask questions
• Listen to the sponsors questions and requests
• Present your proposal face to face
• Have two people at each presentation
• Focus on what the proposal will do for the sponsor not on what it will do for your organization
• Thank the sponsor for his/her time and consideration regardless of the outcome
• Be professional
• Be enthusiastic!


• Read from your proposal
• Use jargon
• Be too long winded
• Dress unprofessionally
• Argue or become confrontational with the sponsor
• Refer to your sponsorship as a donation
• Promise anything you can't deliver
• Guess on information you don't know
• Leave the meeting without asking for the sponsor's support