The CheerStix Sponsorship Program is a risk-free way of raising money and uses the same techniques professional and college teams use to make money.
How and Why Sponsorship Works

For years, professional and college teams have been raising money by selling CheerStix sponsorships.

The team's name goes on one side of the CheerStix and the sponsor's name, logo and message goes on the other side.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on sponsorships. Why? Because sponsorship works!

That's why the same teams and sponsors keep coming back to order CheerStix again – and again.

CheerStix are the most visible . . . cost effective . . . stand-alone promotional item on the market today.


The Golden Opportunity

Most small, local businesses don't have any real sponsorship opportunities because their market is generally too small.

And they don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend just to get a sign with their name on it at courtside.

Herein lays a golden opportunity. . .

You have the perfect fan base that local businesses would love to develop a connection with.

By using CheerStix and the CheerStix Sponsorship Program, you can offer local businesses the opportunity to get their name. . . logo . . . and message out to your fan base for a reasonable price.

And, your school or squad profits from selling the sponsorship.